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If you experience any technical difficulties, please bring them to my attention at pihole[@]freek[.]ws. I will troubleshoot to fix any issues that may arise as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Recent Incidents

  • Upstream DNS Servers unstable

    Resolved in 3 days
    Affected Service: ( ( November 10, Sat

    The Upstream DNS Servers both piholes use ( are currently under attack. This results into either timeouts or very slow page loads. I've temporarily changed the upstream DNS servers to Google's to mitigate this issue. Sadly has no status page nor contact page, so I am unsure if they're aware of these issues. I will continue to monitor the situation.

    21:53, Nov 06 CEST

    It looks like the services have been restored. Therefore both Pi-holes are now using's upstream servers again.

    21:12, Nov 10 CEST
  • Pi-hole NL down

    Resolved in 4 months
    Affected Service: ( September 26, Wed

    Pi-hole NL is currently down, I will investigate the matter.

    08:32, May 08 CEST

    This is taking a little longer than expected. I've opened a forum topic at the Pi-hole forums to get support. You can track it's status here:
    In the mean time I recommend disabling Pi-hole NL and solely using Pi-hole UK for now.

    20:47, May 12 CEST

    Oh boy, this has been open for waaaay too long. This was fixed on the 2nd of September. Happy Pi-holing!

    20:40, Sep 26 CEST
  • Affected Service: ( April 12, Thu

    Again, there are intermittent connection issues to pihole-NL (*sigh*). This is starting to look like a recurring event in my calendar. Again, it looks like it's being caused by the provider, as the node is unreachable from any control panel. I keep you guys posted.

    12:28, Apr 06 CEST

    Reply from hosting provider:


    There is a problem with the network switch, upstream are working on it.


    17:08, Apr 06 CEST

    Update by provider:

    Dear Customer,

    We are aware of a network connectivity disruption affecting our Netherlands location. We are trying to determine the cause of the issue and are working with our upstream provider.

    We have limited insight at the moment and there are delays with communication. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Please stand by for updates.

    Thank you,

    23:28, Apr 06 CEST

    Switch seems to be have replaced, no response from provider. Closing this for now. Let's hope for the best.

    13:19, Apr 12 CEST
  • Affected Service: ( April 04, Wed

    I've been observing some intermittent connection issues to the NL resolver again. This time, it looks like it's being caused by my hosting provider. Stay tuned for further updates.

    14:15, Mar 31 CEST

    Look at this graph:
    Something's funky, but I don't know what it is yet.

    14:28, Mar 31 CEST

    The response of my hosting provider is as follows:
    "Thank you for the info. We are aware of intermittent connectivity issues in the Netherlands and are working with the upstream provider to resolve this."
    I.e. the issue is not on my side/out of my hands. I keep you guys posted.

    16:57, Mar 31 CEST

    Reply from hosting provider:


    At this time it seems the issue is resolved as we have not observed any further packet loss, but there is no update from the upstream yet.

    We will continue monitoring the situation."

    19:34, Apr 01 CEST

    Closing this incident as the upstream issues seem to be resolved. No confirmation from provider though.

    13:13, Apr 04 CEST
  • Affected Service: ( March 14, Wed

    I've been observing some intermittent connection issues to the NL resolver. The last time this took place was between March 9th at 00:29 AM till 02:40 AM. During this time period, the server itself was up but the webinterface was not responding to requests. I am unsure whether or not DNS requests are also affected, hence I have put more logging in place. I will be monitoring this over the course of this weekend.

    11:05, Mar 09 CEST

    Currently the webinterface is unreachable again. I've identified the issue and will work on resolving it asap. DNS service is unaffected and remains operational.

    19:08, Mar 10 CEST

    The changes I made seem to have resolved the issue, therefore I am closing this incident.

    13:13, Mar 14 CEST
  • No incidents reported